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Application as Service is an essential program that will let you run any application as service, benefiting from all the advantages of native Windows services. With this solution you can start program as Windows service and run and manage them locally or on a remote computer (without the necessity to install Application as Service on remote machine), schedule the services launch and lots more.

Publisher description

The functionality of Application as Service is aimed to let you launch any program as Windows service. With this utility you can easily run application as service at system boot without starting a user session. It also lets you create, view, edit and manage services on local and remote computers. And it is possible to handle multiple remote sides simultaneously without the necessity to install Application as Service on remote computer. You can run your application interactively (visible to users) or silently. Both, interactively and silently run services can be launched under user accounts. You can also choose user session (including RDP) in which interactive service should be started. It is easy to schedule the launch of program as service on a specific date or time. You just have to set scheduler settings only once and all the rest will be done by Application as Service right on time. Services can be created using GUI, command line or XML configuration file. With Application as Service your program can be restarted automatically in case of the crash or power cut. Therefore, the uptime of this program increases. Application as Service is an easy-to-use utility with intuitive and friendly interface which is comprehensive even for the beginners. You do not need any coding skills in order to launch any program as service. With Application as Service this can be done as easy as pie!

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